Monday, 15 October 2012

Top - Zara
Blazer - Miss Guided
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Boohoo
Bag - Primark

Happy monday everyone!!! I hope everyone had a good weekend and the rain didnt ruin anyones plans? I spent saturday afternoon having a lovely little lunch with my fam for my nannas birthday :)
Apart from the meal being a little bit rubbish, we had a lovely time and my nannas does love it when we all get together, as most nans probably do!
I thought i would keep it casual but smart as it was a birthday lunch after all! I love love this top from zara!!! I got it for just £9.99 at the student lock in, in Brighton, however, this was not discounted as Zara were not in. I mainly bought it because it was a nice baggy t-shirt with graphic print on it, but once i looked close i just fell in love with the girls sunglasses on the top! Which seems like an odd reason to buy something but they are so cool and i WILL be looking out for these next summer i must say!
Of course im wearing leigh jeans from topshop, in my opinion, they are the best jeans out there, these are my third pair and i cant get enough of them!! They are super soft and stretchy like jeggings but look so much more like real jeans than jeggings which is why i love them. I dont think i will be going back to normal jeans if im honest, well as long as topshop keeping making them that is!! 
On to the blazer, which i do love, but only for the fit. Its such a perfect fit but missguided have let me down on the quality, one wash and its already doing the bobbling them clothes do after they have been washed LOADS of times so bit disappointing but i still love to wear it! 
Hope everyone has a brill week!


  1. i really like your outfit, you look lovely!
    and your hair is gorgeous mrs! laura xx

  2. Loving this outfit ez! Blog is looking good :)

  3. very nice look! especially the shirt and the bag!