Saturday, 31 March 2012

threes a crowd anyway

 My friend zoe wear dress from h and m and wedges are new look :)

Top - Topshop
Shorts - Topshop
Shoes - Newlook
not to sure about the head band!!

Sooo, i named this post threes a crowd because my two friend and i were supposed to ht the town and one flaked on us!! however, me and my friend powered through and decided to hit the town the two of us and had a brill night!! I wanted to wear my high waisted shorts out as i have only worn them in the day with tights and i really thought they worked well. However i was bait conscious of my bum hanging out as it has a habit of doing that LOL!!! i decided on this quite plain but pretty top from topshop which is from the last chance to buy section and my comfy new look wedges :) as i didn't finish work till 8, doing the hair was off the agenda and this had been my look all day but adding the headband around the bun made me feel like i did my hair up a little special!! even if it didn't look it!

Monday, 26 March 2012

sunny sunny days

 Skirt - Ebay
Top - F&F at Tesco
Shirt - Primark
Shoes - Primark

 My baby Coco Chanel :)

As this glorious weather has continued into the week i thought i would try my other maxi from ebay! I love this colour, every time i go shopping i seem to be drawn to things this colour! Maxi skirts are such an easy wear making every day comfy!! This shirt from primark i haven't worn in absolute ages and i thought it should make a re appearance and this outfit was actually inspired by Annie on 90210 as her character seems to be wearing a lot of tied up shirts at the moment in the series so i thought id try it for myself!
I decided on an outside picture as the weather was just SOOO beautiful and my cat coco just wanted to get in the picture as she is bait of a flirt! and yes she is named after coco chanel!!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

scarf ... AGAIN

Jumper - Topshop
Leggings - Topshop
Scarf - Newlook
Shoes - Converse

Abit of an average outfit tonight as i have been inside ALL day doing uni work, i finally decided to leave the house but only to go see the boyfriend, so not much effort put in here! lol, so converse and baggy jumper it was! This topshop jumper is brill for lazy days where i can't be bothered! also thought id whack out the scarf again to give a splash of pattern :)

Monday, 19 March 2012


Denim jacket - Primark
Top - Topshop
Leggings - Topshop
Scarf - Newlook

It was yet another beautiful day today however, the sun was very deceiving as it wasn't as warm as i thought!! my denim jacket did not keep me warm today but it looked good and that was the main thing! i haven't worn this top in absolute ages, i got it from topshop about a year ago and its such an easy wear, its really thin and really soft! i paired it with my acid wash leggings and thought id add a splash of pattern with this black and white sort of leopard print scarf which was a gift a good few years ago. i do like to pull a few things out from the past!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

new top

Top - Topshop
Leggings - Topshop
Cardy - Rive Island
Brogues - Primark
Today is was quite a dark and dingy morning and i thought i would dress to match!! This is the first time i have worn my new top and i love it! It fits so perfectly and is long enough to wear with leggings. These acid wash leggings are perfect for cold weather as they are so thick and the suedy material fits really nicely. I choose to wear my navy cardy which i don't think did the top justice when it was on as it covered most of it up, but i tried to keep the cardy off whenever i was inside to show off my new top!

Monday, 12 March 2012


Top - Internacionale
Skirt - Ebay
Denim jacket - Primark

So woke up to the most beautiful day this morning and thought it was about time i brought out the cropped denim jacket!! Haven't had this out since september so was nice to give it a spin today! I decided on my maxi with my little aztec cropped top, you can't see but at the back its got a gold zip which really adds to the detail :)

Friday, 9 March 2012


No outfit post today as I'm a slob and slightly hungover!! however, i have been into topshop this morning and found this gorgeous top!! i love tigers and this vest is so cute its quite baggy and a nice easy wear so i decided i deserved a treat :) then i also came across these cute high waisted denim shorts, i recently just threw out some denim shorts and thought i needed nice new replacements. and they fit so perfectly!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

rainy day go away!

Cardigan - River Island
Top - Reiss 
Shorts - Boutique in Brighton
Shoes - Converse
Socks - Primark

 Todays weather is just vile! Rainy and windy and cold brrr. I decided on some shorts as i can't deal with having soaking wet legs because of jeans! whereas tights dry quickly :) i paired it with my freebie reiss top from a vogue i got last summer. This cardigan was a bargain from river down to £20 from £38, i love chunky knits and i don't have one this colour its a really nice navy/turquoise.
 AND of course i wore my trusty converse! Always good for a rainy day as they are thick and warm, and to be honest they are already in a state so doesn't really matter about a little bit of rain!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Shoes - Primark
Skirt - Topshop
Top - F & F at Tesco
Cardigan - Topshop

So, i started the day of nice a fresh and felt so springy that i opted for a skirt!! This was in fact a top i bought from topshop a good few years ago with i didn't like anymore and cut the top bit off and turned it into a skirt, in my opinion its a lot better as a skirt! As it is still a little chilly out (no matter how decieving the sun is) i chucked on some plain black tights and my big knitted cardigan :) however, without having time to photograph my outfit this morning i had to do it when i got home this evening, as you can imagine I'm not looking very fresh anymore, so excuse the dodgy photography in the mirror!! 

Monday, 5 March 2012


Jumper - Primark
Skirt - Ebay
Necklace - Charity Shop
Shoes (black wedges) Newlook

 So, i turned 19 on the 2nd of march, yay! We went for a meal in the evening, to the carver as i do love a carvery! I decided to dress up a little with my black maxi skirt but i love this cute little jumper as (even though it doesn't look it) the sleeve are navy blue the top bit is black and the bottom bit is camel. i just had to get it when i saw it as it was so different. I just wore my big black wedges and a little black clutch :)

 These are some of my presents as i was a very lucky girl on my birthday! D&G number 3, the most incredible smell you will ever smell!! i love it, also got a free bag with the perfume which is now m gym bag!! i now feel stylish at the gym!

 And my amazing macbook pro!!! i went and bought this on the day and I'm literally in love with it! how did i live without one, i don't know!
And lastly my beautiful ring for my boyfriend, blue topaz! i just love the colour(although the picture doesn't do it justice) its BRIGHT blue and i love it!!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

This is me before a night out in Florence! We all decided to head to dinner and wanted to find a bar afterwards to have a few to drink, which we did! 
I brought this red/burgundy jeans with me which are from new look with the intention of wearing them in the day but they looked really good with my new look black wedges and really wanted to wear them out. I paired it with a plain black top and black blazer which i borrowed off my friend. It worked perfectly as i wasn't to dressed up for dinner but could take the jacket off and feel a little more partyish in the bar!

FMP go to Italy!

So! Here we all are, in Milan for our FMP trip! I have been meaning to blog about the Italy trip for a while now but keep forgetting! Milan was nice but not as i expected and was to be honest a little let down but Florence was just amazing! It was beautiful and really scenic, much nicer to look at that Milan. However, i enjoyed my whole trip and wanted to show us all there!